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2018 and i feel like i died. i totally forgot i had a live journal account. lol

Fan Fics

hey guys i bet your wondering where my fictions are well i decided to take them off my private LiveJournal and put them on a new one.
which is : http://jessiej-fics.livejournal.com/ so head on over there. you will have to add me as a friend to view them though. sorry if this bothers you. kind regards and happy reading.

:/ rant :/

Where has everyone gone?! all my favourite fanfics on here and fanfiction and AO3 have stopped writing or dissapperead and since there aint alot of new ones much i get bored.


Happy Birthday nbsiren

looking for fic

i was looking for a fic i even know what its called but i cant find it does anyone know what happened to it?

its a katekyo hitman reborn fic called The fox bride. its about tsuna a medicine shaman and mukuro a fox.

anyone know what happened to it and the person who wrote the fic?


:-( :-( :-(

why is Amatsuki Manga not licenced in english yet? :-(


£90 it cost me to get my external hard drive fixed what they had to do is basically smash my old one and take the files off it and put on a new one so yaaaay i got my millions of files back hehe

also i was charged £14 for vat(tax) and a handling charge from the postal office because of a parcel i ordered all because they put an accurate value on it. which the item i dont think was actually worth the charge since they were only small keyrings.

lots of money wasted what a shitty month lol maybe next month will be better or i might get lucky and win the lottery lol.

eeerg ffs

my friggin external hard drive aint working, and i had sh*t loads of stuff on it. now i got to take it to professionals and see if they can save the bloody thing. gonna cost a fortune probably for something so small.

technology officially sucks ass**

though on a good note i finally got the naruto shippuden movie 4 the lost tower which i love cause it has naruto's dad init and blah blah. i also got a new laptop which is windows 8 with all its fancy app which is confusing the hell out of me so gonna take awhile for me to get use to it but im still using my old one until ive uploaded everything i want on the new one from the old one.



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